When the anchor point for a physical child is love, that child matures and grows up into a well adjusted adult. When the Anchor Point for a spiritual being is Perfect Love, that being grows in Faith, gentleness, peace, hope, love and acceptance of all they meet.

So how does one make Perfect Love their Anchor Point:

  1. Ask – pray and ask The Divine to revel Its true healing nature.
  2. Believe – that The Divine Is Perfect Love and look for ways that has been revealed in our past.
  3. Meditate – listen and learn to hear the voices competing for our peace and hope. We all have voices of an inner Pharisee or judge – meditation allows us to recognize the voices of the inner Pharisee and the voice of The Perfect Lover.
  4. Decide – make a conscious decision to listen to, surround yourself with and see The Perfect Lover on at times a moment to moment basis – A Gratitude Journal, a meditation practice, healthy connections and praying all help lead us in this meditation.

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