Bob on March 21st, 2013

Intro to the Journey

Bob on May 13th, 2012

Great to have you here! I am glad that you stopped by and I hope you will feel free to look around.


This site is about a spiritual journey. The vehicle for this journey is not religion, doctrine or dogma. This journey is not about the place where you end up or what you look like. This journey is ALL about one 4 letter word- LOVE!


Love from Above is a Free gift and the depth of it is the journey that we are on. There are countless potholes, phenominal fellow travelers and tremendous views along the way. No two journeys are the same and while we may travel on the journey for a time together the majority of growth will happen when we can just be still and in solitude reflect.


I am excited you are here and I hope you will read about my journey, listen to the stories I will share and perhaps we will travel together for a while. So come on in, explore and enjoy as we share the wonders of Love, Grace and Peace on the journey!

The only thing you need for spiritual growth in 2013 and beyond are these 6 words- "His Grace is sufficient for me!"

The only thing you need for spiritual growth in 2013 and beyond are these 6 words- “His Grace is sufficient for me!”

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Bob on September 15th, 2020

fear vs. Love – 2

What we believe

In “fear vs. Love – 1” we looked at “Who we are” – which in many ways creates “What we believe” and in this we can begin to open how it affects us which we dive into in “fear vs. Love – 3”

  1. I interpret things through the early ways I learned to interpret them as a child. As a result if I saw for example racist or other fear based behaviors then what I believe is colored by that or by those behaviors and healing is needed.

  2. I interpret things through the inherited pain that I carry from my parents. This might be an area that you want to really dig into – I know I am still digging deep here. My dad I believe inherited a fear of intimacy and that caused me to have the same issues – life isn’t it a beautiful healing process.

  3. I interpret things through early pain based alleviation tactics. Again this requires some digging and some heavy soul integrity. My pain alleviation for many years was porn and fantasy as it helped me through some dark days as a child. This type of pain alleviation also met my fear of intimacy base with open arms. Keep in mind pain alleviation can switch in a heartbeat from one addiction to another.

So how do these interpretations affect us and why do we need to examine them closely? This is the purpose of and dive in that we do in fear vs. Love 3 but in the mean time if you want some articles that may be of interest to you then here are some links to check out …

Be a child!

Heroes Pilgrimage … Purpose

Life’s Purpose!

Bob on September 13th, 2020

fear vs. Love – 1

We face a soulful battle in this life and it is actually the spiritual the journey of our life in which we are continually invited by The Divine to move away from fear and open up to a Greater Love.

The reason this is a battle is it involves some serious deep dives into who we are, what we believe, how we got there and is it spiritually healthy to maintain that idea or belief. So let’s look at these questions one by one because in these questions there is the healed soul.

“Who am I”?

  1. I am a product of my childhood – as children we absorb the good and the bad from the environment in which we grew up. What would happen if we took an honest in-depth look at that environment and write down what we find?

  2. I am a product of my parents pain – pain, like hopes and fear are inherited. What would happen if we took an honest look at the pain that raised us and write down what we find?

  3. I am a product of childlike interpretations – one of the challenges and beautiful things about our early years is that they are early, and as a result we don’t really know how to interpret events and moments in necessarily healthy ways. What would happen if we dug into looking at some major events from our childhood and write down how our interpretations from those events formed the beliefs we hold today?

“You won’t be able to say, ‘Here it is!’ or ‘It’s over there!’ For the Kingdom of God is already among you.” … Luke 17:21

Want to grow in this understanding?

Watch “Grace 365 … 5” on YouTube

Watch “Grace 3-6-5 … 2” on YouTube

Grace Light – The following!

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Bob on September 13th, 2020

WWJG – 2

Where Would Jesus Go – 2

As we examine the life and teaches of Divine Love walking among us in human form some patterns emerge and those patterns become a blueprint for healing our world:

1. Divine Love spent very little time in formal religious places and instead spent time among those cast out.

2. Divine Love offered personal Hope and Peace through Faith Alone in Divine Love Alone.

3. Divine Love was and is label-less as the only one He called “good” what everyone said was bad.

4. Divine Love went to parties, enjoyed living and wasn’t afraid of accusations of condemnation hurled at Him.

5. Divine Love encountered those called “sinners” everyday and yet He said “repent” He said it to the most “righteous”.

6. Divine Love cleared the The Temple of the very ones who were selling Divine favor through earthly monetary terms – that’s where His anger was always directed.

“Jesus went throughout Galilee, teaching in their synagogues, proclaiming the good news of the kingdom, and healing every disease and sickness among the people.” … Matthew 4:23

Would you like to know more about this?

Religious Constipation (Part 2) Spiritual Growth!

Religious constipation – Part 1

God-Fidence (Day 2) the SSSS!

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Bob on September 13th, 2020


(Where Would Jesus Go)

Jesus came for a visit and where did He go.

Jesus came and He went to a BLM rally because for so long people there had lived in fear and He wanted to show them Love that takes away fear.

Jesus came and He went to an abandoned house in a town where He knew people were doing drugs because they were in pain and He longed to show them Love that heals that pain.

Jesus came and He went to Africa to an orphanage for children who lost parents due to HIV because He yearned to hold the children in His lap and tell them stories and laugh with them so they would know about Love that cares for them even though so few people do.

Jesus came and He went to a village in India where the poorest people lived and He helped dig a well so that people could have clean water and know that there is a Love that continues to give and never ask for repayment.

Jesus came and He went to one of the Uighur concentration camp in China to let slaves know they are Loved beyond human comprehension by The Divine Being Who is in control of all things.

Jesus came to your town – where did He visit? What did He share?

“The King will reply, ‘Truly I tell you, whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers and sisters of mine, you did for me.’” Matthew 25:40

Care to dig into this deeper:

The Ever Confusing and Confounding Jesus – 10

The Ever Confusing and Confounding Jesus – 8

Love humans thought

Bob on August 27th, 2020

Our healing purpose here and now which is our spiritual journey is about building passageways of Faith, Hope, Grace, Mercy, Peace and Love with the greatest of these being Love.

We were not called to lead others to a greater morality but we are challenged to share a Greater Love.

We were not told to make others hopeful in some ATM god but we are called to shine a light on a path of spiritual prosperity which creates a HopeFull soul based on a Greater Love.

We were not instructed to be the final authoritative interpreters of the Bible but we are called to be bastions of Faith in a Greater Love.

We don’t need another religious revival where our focus is on our performance and tithing. We Need to discover The God Who Is Love beyond human comprehension and allow That Divine Being to permeate every element of our being for that is where Faith, Hope, Grace, Mercy, Peace and Love exist in Abundance beyond our wildest needs.

“Three things will last forever—faith, hope, and love—and the greatest of these is love.” 1 Corinthians 13:13

Would you like to read more about sharing a Greater Love? Check out the links below:

The Greater Love…

fearLess Warrior … Mission

Messiah? – 12 – Mission Accomplished!

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Bob on August 27th, 2020

I looked for love in religious law but found fear instead!

I looked for peace in religious law but found anxieties instead!

I looked for mercy in religious law but found judgement instead!

But then I looked for love in Christ and found Love upon Love beyond what I could ever imagine Freely given as The Gift beyond Compare!

Then I looked for Peace in Christ and found Peace that Passes All Understanding, Peace that grows as I deepen my understanding that His Love is beyond any love I could ever achieve based on merit or effort!

Then I found Mercy that is in Christ not one that I in any way earned, Mercy that expands as I continue to grow in the expanding acceptance that His Mercy was extended to me and All men while we still hated Him!

I looked for joy in the law but had No Joy until I resigned from emotionalism based on my efforts and accepted The Joy of The Lord based on my ongoing journey into The Presence of His Love and grasping it’s Boundless, Eternal and Unconditional nature that Is In The Very Atoms and Fibers of Gods Being!

Take the Journey of Life! Real Life! Abundant Life! And make your life not about doing but about seeing His Relentless Pursuit of Love He longs for you to embrace!

My journey started with the questions at the link below … I pray it helps your journey as well:

Let The Journey Begin!

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Bob on August 24th, 2020

The Calling of The Lover

The Divine Lover calls to us in our place of fear – “come to my arms of Love beyond human comprehension”

The Divine Lover calls to us in our place of shame – “come to my embrace of Acceptance just as you are”

The Divine Lover calls to us in our place of pain – “come to my healing hug that erases the source of all hurt”

The Divine Lover calls to us in our place of insecurity – “come to my secure sanctuary of unconditional Love and find rest”

The Divine Lover calls to us in our place of separateness – “come to my kingdom that is within each soul I created and I will unite you in the community of Love beyond human comprehension”

“Mighty King, lover of justice,
    you have established fairness.
You have acted with justice
    and righteousness throughout Israel.” … Psalm 99:4

Listen to the call today and further your healing journey. Care to read more about this? Try the links below:

Need Healing?

5 Healing Questions 

What happens? Healing

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Bob on August 23rd, 2020

The Way is … From Love

People come into our lives and people leave our lives to move us toward greater love-ability and Love reliance.

Events happen in our lives and we win and lose to move us toward greater love-ability and Love reliance.

This is not always an easy lesson but I have found it to be a great comfort and something that brings me back to the purpose for my life. Keep in mind that this is true for the “good” and the “bad” – in other words the people that we think are “good”, the events we think are “good” and the people and events we think are “bad” are All allowed in our lives at the exact time that they are to move us toward greater love-ability and Love reliance.

With this in mind here are some potential questions that might open up Loves path a little bit more:

1) How does this person or event make me feel?

2) How does that create greater love from me?

3) What does that cause me to fear?

4) How can that fear create a greater sense of Rest in The Divine Lover?

5) In recognizing that fear does it open up a pain spot in my soul that needs recognition and healing?

Remember The Divine Lover is The One that is constantly desiring the life of The Beloved for us – and to have that life is to Rest fearlessly in the Faith of being Loved beyond human comprehension.

“Because he turned his ear to me, I will call on him as long as I live.” … Psalm 116:2

Want to read more about this?

The cure for religious pain!

The pain of un-Love!

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Bob on August 22nd, 2020

Religious myths – 1

When I was younger I was Very well religiously educated and therefore spiritually, emotionally and in every other way imaginable in pain. In fact I was struggling for my very existence! Yes literally!

God allowed me to go so low that ALL I could do is reach up to Him through suicidal drug induced pain. What caused this pain?

Religious myths!

So please join me on a journey, an adventure into exposing these myths and see what I discovered in The Life I now Live!

“In bringing many sons and daughters to glory, it was fitting that God, for whom and through whom everything exists, should make the pioneer of their salvation perfect through what he suffered.” – Hebrews 2:10

Jesus was “made” “perfect” through Faith – Faith that His suffering would create our wHOLeY-ness! He suffered for you and me so that All we need to do is BElieve! Accept this and Life is Amazingly simple and easy – as in “easy burden and light yoke” that Jesus offered the most legalistic people on the planet!

“Love one another as I have Loved you”

And if you are anything like me you will suck at Loving – just like me – God is growing His Love in me – Not the law of Moses in me!

Would you like to examine more religious myths and see how they affect you?

Care to examine scriptures on another way to see Divine Love?

Below is the link to an extensive Bible study on this subject – feel free to explore the whole site and take your time – Grace grows at Gods speed not mine or yours. Here is the link:

Let The Journey Begin!

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Bob on August 15th, 2020

What kills love?

It isn’t the gay or the straight that kills love – it’s us.

It isn’t the black or the white that kills love – it’s us.

It isn’t the Democrat or the Republican that kills love – it’s us.

It was, is and always will be us that puts love on the cross and every time we fail to see that exterior looks and opinions are Not what matters, every time we fail to see the soul that Is All that matters – That’s when we kill love.

If you would like to read more on this click the links below:

Killing Faith – Gods Plan?

Killing your “but” god!

Killing Faith – “F” faith!

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