My Messiah – 10 – The Good Mind!


What is the difference between the mind of Christ and the mind of man?


How can we know and see the “Good Mind” of Christ?
He was assigned a grave with the wicked,and with the rich in his death,though he had done no violence,nor was any deceit in his mouth.” – Isaiah 53:9


Shortly after the death of Christ and indeed even as He was hanging on the cross we see and hear so many people in the wrong mind, the mind of man typically and especially apart from The God Who Is Love. This was prophesied about in this short verse but let me break down the 2 minds:


1)Wrong mind is focused on the physical body, the needs and wants I have and the deeds of the person and how to evaluate a person based on that.

2)Right mind is focused on Love, bringing Peace and Hope to other. Right mind sees others actions as results of pain they are going through.


Growing in Faith is the only way I have found to produce Right mind because growing in Faith means grasping the idea that God Is Love and that His Love is beyond my ability to imagine or conceive. The process of Faith developing Right mind for me looks like this:


1)As Faith grows, the endless, boundless nature of His Love becomes more apparent.
2)As the endless, boundless nature of His Love becomes more apparent Peace grows.
3)As Peace grows, Life itself becomes no longer focused on my physical needs as I know He provides All I need and all the deeds of others happen to help me heal and learn to Love like He does.


My personal journey to Right mind started with this Bible study on Grace and focusing on 7 questions. I hope this helps you, other languages are available:


Let The Journey Begin!