Loves Healing Work – 7 – Growing in The Embrace!



The Greater I allow His Grace to Be in my mind and life, the greater grace I have for others.
The Greater I allow His Love to Be in my mind and life, the greater love I have for others.




When I was religious I can remember so many cute things that preachers used to say to try to create one of the false graces I mentioned “Loves Healing Work – 4” – like, “you have to love them Not like them” or “love the sinner but hate the sin.”




But love your enemies, do good to them, and lend to them without expecting to get anything back. Then your reward will be great, and you will be children of the Most High, because he is kind to the ungrateful and wicked. Be merciful, just as your Father is merciful.” – Luke 6:35-36




One of the differences for me between religious life and GraceFully Being is that Love isn’t some sideshow of God – “God Is Love” – and as the embrace of this gets greater in me I grow in Love Not law, in Grace Not legalistic achievement, in Gratitude Not guilt and in Peace not pieces.




Growing in The Embrace means Growing in the knowledge, idea and Freedom that “Love one another as I have Loved you” IS the goal of a life long Real Relationship with The God Who Is Love beyond human ability to conceive.




Stop for just a moment, close your eyes if you can and imagine a world where each of us Loved each and every other person like He Loved and Loves us.




In “Loves Healing Work – 8” I plan to share step by step the “how to” guide from my journey thus far and I hope that you will join me for that. In the meantime here are the links to the devotionals in this series so far.

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