Loves Healing Work – 2

At an early age I learned that God didn’t like me and as much as I would try it was never enough. At an early age I learned the despair of life, the painful side of intimacy and the futility of trying to “do what God commanded” instead of Being who God made me – and I am Blessed that I was hit in the face early with this.

But the more they were called, the more they went away from me.They sacrificed to the Baals and they burned incense to images.” – Hosea 11:2

If we look at God in a way Other than Perfect Love it has been my experience that in doing that other things just don’t fit. If we wander from Perfect Love we cut off the One healing force for all we have been through. So what happens to cause this?

1)Experiences in the formative years or even later can have a major impact. As a 10 – 11 year old I can’t tell you how hard I prayed, how many religious things I did and what a “good boy” I was in the hopes that my dad would get better. My dad died before I turned 12 and from that I learned intimacy is dangerous, God will desert me and I can never be good enough. Oddly enough that last realization would save my life later. More on that in “Loves Healing Work – 3.”

2)”The sins of our fathers” or in short their misunderstandings of God and how He Loves us. Remember that the vast majority of people still follow partial law to please God. This creates the greatest barrier to Loves Healing Work because it creates a PCZ – Personalized Comfort Zone of self designed “goodness” most often built around a religious group. More on this will follow in this series as well.

If our image of God is distorted, what Hope, Peace, Life or Love can we possibly have?

Hope you will stay the course and read this whole series and in the mean time if you want to study for the journey feel free to go to the link below:


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Love Heals - 2