Loves Healing Work – 4 – The CureAll Begins

At my lowest moment of destitute soul poverty when the world all seemed monochromatic black and white and each agonizing breath felt like a deeper level of Hell, a Hand reached out. That Hand pulled me into an embrace I feel even now 25 plus years later. I like to call this “The Embrace of True Grace.”

You see a big part of the desolation of my soul was based on denominational grace, cultural grace and generational grace – none of which can heal but all of which will create a cursed PCZ (Personalized Comfort Zone) which will slow if not kill True Grace.

Out of his fullness we have all received grace in place of grace already given. For the law was given through Moses; grace and truth came through Jesus Christ.” – John 1:16-17

The three false graces mentioned above are deadly to the soul and create the PCZs in this way:

1)denominational grace – creates the “my group is right but yours is wrong” mentality which destroys “Big God” or The God Who Is Love beyond our ability to conceive.


2)cultural grace – creates the “my culture is right but yours is wrong” mentality which again destroys “Big God” Who Is Love beyond belief.


3)generational grace – creates the “my generation is right but the past ones were too strict and the most recent is too loose” mentality which yet again destroys “Big God” Who Is Love beyond human ability to imagine.

The challenge with all 3 false graces is that all 3 “think” they are the only ones that have the answer to everything and thus the PCZ which must be broken down in order to Rest in True Grace that is Not about law because once you believe you are no longer under it. Resting or having Faith in True Grace and Big God is “Love one another” which is the whole focus of “Loves Healing Works – 5” and I hope to see you there.

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