Loves Healing work – 1

There is a Perfect Love. There is a Perfect Love that is from The Perfect Being that is Healing in the journey and in this new devotional series “Loves Healing work” I will share both personal stories and stories of others that have Healed from this Love.

When Israel was a child, I loved him,and out of Egypt I called my son.” – Hosea 11:1

All of us share some very common “Lovesickness-Es” and we are in the process of healing those illnesses that are in us. The message of the cross is that God Almighty, The Perfect Being that Is Perfect Love, Was then, Is Now and will always Be in the process of try to Heal our “Lovesickness-Es” – to illustrate let me show you one of mine.

My dad fought cancer when I was young and I battled with thoughts of guilt, fear of intimacy and fear of losing someone close to me most of my life as a result. Gods Grace is in the process of healing me on a continual basis If I will only listen. I was in Egypt on these very real illnesses and God called me. I was a slave to these “Lovesick” states but God would and is leading me through the desert – all I need and all you need for this journey is Faith.



I hope you will join me on this journey through the next several devotionals and perhaps we can journey together to a place of Healing our Lovesickness-Es.


Loves Healing Work -1