The love that we have for God is a direct result of growing to see the Love He had for us, Freely gives to us Here and Now in each and every moment and will Always offer to us! One of the greatest challenges people have when it comes to The Love of God is “comparative love” and that is what destroys the work The Spirit is trying to do in and through a person!



We love because he first loved us.” 1 John 4:19



One of the areas that satan is all too successful in the world and the lives of believers is in getting them to lower God to their standards. Be it the Tower of Babel to try to build a tower to God or the tree in the Garden that by eating the fruit Eve would be as wise as God. Man, thanks to satans prodding is always seeking ways to try to lower God.



When man thinks of love it is Nothing like The Love of God!



Getting the above statement through one’s head is Vitally important IF they are going to grow in Grace and therefore Peace, Hope and Joy! Why? Because man’s love is imperfect on the best of days and sheer stupidity on the worst. I know because I am a man and when it comes to love, like everything else, well I pretty well suck at it most days!



Man’s love is imperfect and yet we dare to think that God’s Love is the same as ours and this causes multitudes to stumble! Let’s examine His Love vs. our love:


1)His Love is Unconditional – ours is conditional! You will never find a passage where God has asked one of His children for a divorce – ALL our punishment was taken out on Jesus!


2)His Love is based on what Is (His Reality) – ours is on what “should be”! The main reason why pornography is so pervasive is that man loves the fantasy (or “should be”) of what he sees, but God Loves the Reality, His Reality of what He sees, you a child of His!


3)His Love is Eternal – ours fluctuates with the wind! The Love of God is Not a passing fad for Him – it IS His Very Nature and has been since the beginning of time. Ours can change based on a moment’s notice with just a few words spoken it can fall into pieces.


4)His Love is Always available – ours could change with what we had for lunch! NOTHING can or will ever separate you from God’s Love. Our love has a million reasons why todays lover wants to kill you tomorrow – just ask King David!


5)His Love is a Mystery – ours is as predictable as toast! Growth for the Grace-Full is in the never ending and continuously Expanding knowledge of The Immensity of God’s Love that is beyond our ability to verbalize!



To begin to Truly  Love God – Begin by Being open to the idea that His Love is beyond your brain, your explanation or your ability to ever know the boundaries of and In seeing this Faith-Full Reality of the unseen ALL Hope, Peace, Joy and Grace exist!