Its beautiful to watch a baby in a home where they are surrounded by love begin to develop and grow. The ability of that precious little one to have no fear and  know that whatever happens arms of love and compassion keep them safe and secure as they struggle through the challenges of growth is a Beautiful thing to behold.



be courageous” – 1 Corinthians 16:13c



Courage is not the absence of fear, for the scream of fear from the “god of MORE” always be near us as the evil one wants us to doubt The Love and Power of God.

Courage for the GraceFull is the ever growing awareness that Gods Love for us was, is and always will be the armor between us and anything and everything!



There will be moments of fear – even Jesus had that – but I believe in part because He had such a dynamic ability to meditate, pray and Rest in the Love of God, He was able to accept the cross. Remember Rest is simply having Faith in what we can’t see but trust in anyway. If you want to look into Faith you might check out “LOVES  Best….1” and or “LOVES  Best….2” from the last few days.


So how do we GraceFully grow that strength and courage like Christ?


When I was growing up in a church we had a fear of anything that didn’t come from or was approved by that church. I thank God every day that the disciples had the good sense to follow Jesus even though He was Very disapproved by the religious leaders of that day.

When I learned the wisdom in “Let the Journey Begin” at first I was afraid. I couldn’t figure out what was wrong with it and to top it off the more I opened to the ideas there, the better I slept, the more I smiled and the greater my life became – isn’t that what The God Who Is LOVE beyond human imagination wants for us?


The Peace, Hope, Grace, Joy and Love I now enjoy and give Thanks for started with courage – what about for you?


LOVES Best....3