When we see our enemy as who and what he is, we can see some Best practices for keeping the enemies drama and pain at bay. Yes “All things are lawful” but the “unprofitable” part of that verse is something that needs to be understood for the individual chinks in the armor that they are.



Be on your guard” 1 Corinthians 16:13a



Whatever takes you away from living a Life of Love is Not from God because “God Is LOVE!” God longs for us to Love ourselves, Him and each other And if we see The God of Grace, this Love is a naturally occurring side effect of growing in the awareness of Who He Is, What He did and does for us and Where that places “All who Believe!”

HOWEVER, as good of a life as Grace creates, it isn’t without potential potholes that Paul was constantly warning the early churches about and Christ cautioned us as well. Here are a few examples:


1)Condemnation – there is none for all who believe in Christ because His Sacrafice made us perfect. Learn to listen to the voice and know your weak points. For example if you hear the voice of condemnation after drinking, know what it sounds like and in “LOVES  Best….2” we will examine how to defeat it.


2)Shame – another one of the favorites of the enemy to use against you and in tomorrow’s devotional “LOVES  Best….2” again we will go into depth on how to defeat it. Know it’s voice and the key shame points that are used against you by the evil one.


3)Worry or possibly panic – the future can be stressful to consider But you have a secret weapon! Learn to hear the voice of worry when it creeps up on you and we will dive into the Peace practices that will help you.


These are the 3 main areas that I get attacked. Again this is primarily true for the Grace based being. For the law based person, I would encourage you to dig into “Let the Journey Begin” on “begracefull.com” and look into The Limitless God!







LOVES Best...1