The greater I can Rest in LOVE that defies human logic or human ability to concieve or even image, the greater the smile on my face and my desire to know and follow that LOVE grows!

Rest! It all centers on REST which is Faith in action!



stand firm in the faith” – 1 Corinthians 16:13b



Jesus promised “Rest” to the weary, heavy burdened law following religionists – and all who find Grace – get that Rest!


The reason for this formula is really rather simple, “ALL” righteousness comes from the cross of Christ and “the law made no one righteous, not even one” named Jesus. To “stand firm in the faith” is to Know:


1)”You are no longer under the law, you are under Grace” – The law no longer applies to anyone who understands that ALL righteousness was given to them Freely by God through His gift of Christ on the cross!


2)”It is for Freedom sake that Christ has set you Free” – “Happy is the man who’s heart does not condemn him in what he approves.” There is a Complete shift in mentality for the GraceFull as they grow and focus in “Love one another” and Not legal obedience and ritual religiousity!


3)”It is Finished” – And with that phrase we were Reconciled with God, Justified before God and made wHOLeY as He Is Holy!



To practice standing firm in the Faith my first suggestion is meditation.

Todays meditation – take a few moments to sit quietly, breathe deep in, exhale fully out and say to yourself:


Breathe in and say:

This day may I


Breathe out and say:

Rest in You



“Stand Firm in The Faith” today and focus on LOVE for one another. If you missed “LOVES  Best….1” from yesterday please check it out.



LOVES Best....2