“The kingdom of God is within you” – cultivate it. “The kingdom of God is within you” – grow the Love within to see the fruit in the field of your life.

There is a desperate need for Lovers in our world as most of our world follows “the god of MORE” and that shows through now perhaps “MORE” than ever before in history. The “god of MORE” attempts to grow weeds around “the kingdom of God” that is within you.


So how do we as individuals stay focused and “remain in His Love“? We remain in His Love by letting that Be our focus. We remain in His Love by focusing on knowing that He “Finished” it and allowing that to create a sense of Gratitude with the knowledge of sufficiency.


I have found that Gratitude is a Healing way to live. It is only when I get my mind off of the “imperfections” of my life that I can Rest (have Faith) in all that is happening around me, to me and within me. This moment Is Perfectly designed and created and allowed to happen to me – no matter what it is – because I believe in BIG GOD who Is BIG LOVE. Living in the Light of His power and provisions Instead of my failings at “should” creates Gratitude.

For a nation, a people or a person to “be great” in The Only kingdom that matters their God Must be Love.