The God Journey – 6 – Why?

One reason The God Journey is so important is because it focuses on the purpose or cause of Christ.

As we look at the cause of Christ how does it compare with those who so proudly wear His name:

1) Jesus was here to Love you – He was Not here to be a spokesperson for morality and tell the people how to follow the law of Moses closer. In fact He broke many of them.

2) Jesus was here to Love you – He was not here to be a part of a political party or to persuade others of which political party God was part of. In fact resting in what is, has always been a sign of Faith in God – All power comes from Him – More Faith = less worry.

3) Jesus was here to Love you – He was not here to be part of an earthly kingdom or to set up a mega church. In fact He taught that the kingdom of God was within you.

4) Jesus was here to Love you – He was not at all concerned what people thought of Him or who He hung out with. In fact the people who were most attracted to His message were the rejected outcast of society – the comfortable will always have more difficulty following Jesus because at what ever point I am comfortable in what I have or what I do, my need for His Love diminishes – which is why legalism is so dangerous for a Real Relationship!

Want to understand more of the Why? Try working through this Bible study, take your time and let the Love of Jesus speak to you:

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The Cause of

Christ was and is