Your Key Chain

What holds all The Keys to Your Miracle Life – The 1st, The 2nd, The 3rd and The 4th – together?

What makes it so that All these Keys can unlock Peace that passes All understanding, Hope that defies human reality, Joy that shines through mourning and Love that Is beyond human conception?

Short answer – The Key Chain!

At the very core of our being we have set beliefs or core beliefs that will determine how we act, react and what kind of life we will have. When I lack The Peace, Hope, Joy and sense The Love that I write about are missing, it’s because I let go or missed my Key Chain. My Key Chain keeps The Keys together, holds them in place, Is my Light in the darkest moments and forms my core beliefs.

Here is my Key Chain:



1)The law got me TO Christ but I am no longer under it. (Go to the page “Let The Journey Begin” for more on this)



2)Gods ways rarely make human common sense. In fact God sense and common sense are often opposed to each other.



3)God Is ALWAYS Bigger.



4)God Is ALWAYS Here and Now.



5)God didn’t call Any one to have “all the answers” – His relentless and fervent passion for me and you is to KNOW we are LOVED by PERFECT LOVE!



6)There are 11 words I know for sure – everything else I accept on Faith in Christ Alone. The 11 words are: God Is Love, God Radically Loves You, God Radically Loves me.



7)None of Gods Goodness is about my doing – It’s All about His Being and Gods Being Is Love!



8)Each and Every moment, being, event and element in my life is allowed by The One Who Loves me Beyond my ability to imagine and therefore it’s All about Becoming, Learning, Seeing and Sharing His Perfect Love!



So do not fear, for I am with you;do not be dismayed, for I am your God.I will strengthen you and help you;I will uphold you with my righteous right hand.” – Isaiah 41:10



This is my Key Chain and its up to each of us to examine what makes up our individual key chain as that is really what determines our life. Below are links to some devotionals I have written that I hope you will read when you have the chance.


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