The value of the cross is a circus sideshow to the god of MORE religion – and that is exactly the way this god, satan and Hell itself wants it. It’s also the way most churches, ministers and denominations want it because it is more about “collective acting” Not GraceFull growing!

Woe to you, teachers of the law and Pharisees, you hypocrites! You shut the door of the kingdom of heaven in people’s faces. You yourselves do not enter, nor will you let those enter who are trying to.” – Matthew 23:13

Most people in churches today like to think that the “teachers of the law” and the “Pharisees” were only during the time of Jesus – Nothing could be further from the truth!

The god of MORE religion is more alive and well than most will ever know – just listen to the voice of this butcher of souls: “well you just need to obey the commandments better” or “follow the law of God or burn in hell” or “you can lose your salvation” or “God Loves you IF you do (this or that)” or “God Loves “good” girls and boys” or “the reason you are struggling is because you need to repent – you have hidden sin in your heart!” – in short the list is endless!

To all the above religious vomit I say two words, “Jesus Christ!” If I need to expand that I say “Jesus Christ and Him crucified!” I teach, live, eat, sleep and breathe Grace! It is by Grace that I stand, by Grace that I live and by Grace that I have life abundantly  – my life is Not about what I do and it hasn’t been for 20+ years – it’s about Love and on many days that is a pitiful example of Who lives inside me but Thank God He is growing me! I have a Peace that surpasses All understanding and as I was reminded as recently as this summer that in no way means smooth sailing – it means Eternal and Unconditional Love from Above even on your worst days and that your Faith in a crazy out of work desert Wanderer Vagabond Who died a shameful death – that Faith has healed you, Totally restored your connection to God lost since Adam and Forever established your future Home!

For my younger years I worshiped at the altar of the god of MORE religion! I played the part, dressed right, smiled and even let out an occasional Amen! And all the while inside I was in pain, inside a conflict was raging that made a nuclear holocaust seem like a welcome event! I too burned that evil rock and roll music, told people to “turn or burn” as if that were a blessed event to see most of humanity burning in eternal Hell! I too went to church camp, went on all the mission trips, sang the solos and did ALL the “right things” but without the right understanding of Who God is, Who I am in Him and How His Love and Grace change EVERYTHING!

Now an Amazing thing has happened, on a daily basis people come into my life who are struggling with the religious dogma that has been stuffed down the throat of their spirits for as long as some can remember. Now some people judge me – but I am used to it – had that all my life – LOL – but others ask questions and they aren’t afraid to take a journey and for the very brave few who can wrap their heads around what looks like a very simple idea but very complex in the warped mind of pious religiosity – for those few brave souls that will answer 7 simple questions – the god of MORE religion suddenly takes a back seat to The God Who Is Love!

The God Who Is Love suddenly begins to open up souls, minds and hearts to the idea that He is bigger than they could imagine and His Love for them is beyond human comprehension – once this journey starts – I can tell by the ease of life that the person gets and the way they smile and dance in the rain. Perhaps most importantly I can tell they are on The Journey of Grace by the way they Love!

This god steals the sleeping soul!