Can we “judge correctly”?

What did Jesus mean by “judge correctly”?

Stop judging by mere appearances, but instead judge correctly!” – John 7:28

Why would Jesus say this after saying “Don’t judge or you will be judged”?

Could it have anything to do with the motives of the heart as opposed to the way things look outside?

Is this another one of those Grace-Full moments?

The life of Christ taught us this:

1)  God Loves us with a Love that is without end and cannot be understood in human terms!

2)  Nothing else matters except Love!

3)  Each and every second even in death – His Love covers us!

This is the “Good News” of the gospel of Christ that He brought and we proclaim every Christmas! This is what is meant by “All things become new!”

To judge incorrectly is to judge by appearances or to look not at the heart but only at the outer appearance of someone or what they are doing and make a decision of the rightness and or wrongness of their action. This type of judgment is one that is legalistic and non-Grace-Full!

To judge correctly is this- God alone knows the motives of a person’s heart and as such I trust and follow Him alone in all things. This moment belongs to Him and all that happens in it does as well!

To judge correctly is then to rest in the fact that God is bigger than you and His Love knows no end and He pretty much has this all under control- so rest and let Him do what needs to be done.

Here is a meditation for you to consider and practice for a few days. Find a time when you can just be still and know that He is God. That starts by taking a couple of deep breaths and with every exhale just release a bit more stress by giving it to Him. When you feel a bit more relaxed and you are able be still and focus just:

Breathe in and say:

Lord tech me

Breathe out and say:

To judge correctly

Practice this until all you see with are eyes of Love and Forgiveness- that is judging correctly!

Don’t worry-!!

Never forget- LOVE is All that matters now!!

Never forget- LOVE is All that matters now!!