Once we know who we are, we are ready to grasp The Who that made All of our who possible and just Who that Who and What that Who Is. One of the coolest parts of The Who is the manifold mysteries of Who He Is, how He moves and operates and how little we could ever truly know Him – which is wonderful. I am not here to explain, justify or prove The Who, only to trust, rest and be His Beloved, the apple of His eye for whom He would sacrifice Everything to show His Love for you and me.


Reconciled, Justified, Redeemed, Sanctified and Loved beyond human comprehension or ability to fathom – all these words are past tense and the purpose of the “Who are you?” Series of devotionals has been to explore and examine what these words mean to us, how they apply to us and why they are all past tense.


Now I would like to shift gears to talk about the common thread that All these words have and how we need to absorb the primary idea – “God Is Love”, “Perfect Love cast out All fear” and “Love one another as I have Loved you” – I hope to do this through a new series of devotionals called “Love lessons” – I hope you will follow along.


Surely, Lord, you bless the righteous;you surround them with your favor as with a shield.” – Psalms 5:12


Christ Alone made us righteous because God Alone Is Love beyond human comprehension and Loves each and every one of us with Perfect Love.


The greater I can rest in the above statement the greater Peace, Hope, Joy, Patience, Long suffering, Mercy, Compassion, Grace and Love I can have for others. The purpose of my struggles, failures, successes and very existence is to paint with the broadest strokes possible a picture of His Love so that others can share this rest. And thus in “Love Lessons” I hope to dive into the deepest part of His Unconditional, Eternal, Unfathomable and Amazing Love of God for you and me.




Who are you? Love lessons