If we focus on our past pictures we will be locked into sadness or ego or both, but if we look further into the mirror of the soul with the FaithFull understanding of our present state and its origin – then All Heaven breaks loose and a picture of Perfect Love begins to emerge.


for all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God, and all are justified freely by his grace through the redemption that came by Christ Jesus.” – Romans 3:23-24


Justified – Declared or made Righteous in the sight of God!


In “Who are you? – 1” we saw the importance of having the right verb in the right tense when looking into the mirror of the soul. Now in Who are you? – 2 that same idea applies. Please meditate on these two phrases:


justified freely by his grace


redemption that came by Christ Jesus


Notice the words that are past tense and the words that modify them and ask yourself these questions:


How were we justified?


Why is justified past tense for believers?


Once God Almighty makes you Justified is there a power greater than His that can un-justify you and if so what implications does that have on Gods Power, the blood of Jesus, the Love of God and eternity?


Was the work of Christ “finished” on the cross and if not why is this passage and so many others in past tense when it talks about the gift?


The greater our ability to accept that Jesus Alone made us complete by what He did – the greater we see The Love of God.


“Reconciled”, “Justified” – these are just the first 2 words that you need to grasp to Truly understand who you are! Are you getting excited yet?


Maybe this will help – “Believe in the name of The Lord Jesus Christ and you will be saved” – it isn’t about being saved from Hell its about being saved from the false self that wants to make your life a living Hell by telling you that you have to do, have or be MORE than who you are in Christ!


I hope you will join me for “Who are you? – 3” and in the mean time remember the way to make God smile is to “love one another.”





Who are you? - 2