“Loves Got Me” formula – 2

We were never meant to live thinking we are isolated from Love. In fact isolation from Love or the thought of it is the cause of the worlds and individual’s problems.

There is an evil one and it is that force or power that is constantly trying to isolate or should I say make us think we are isolated from Love.

How does this thought happen?

1. Guilt and shame from past actions creates what we believe to be an “unworthy soul.” To which we have to see that “Perfect Love” allowed our past so that we could help others with their future. We may need to ask for forgiveness and make things right as best we can … after that forgive yourself and rest in the meditation below.

2. Self condemnation based on ideas, religious laws and cultural or social taboos. To which we need to grow in the idea and rest in the understanding of what “Perfect Love” did, “Finished” and what that created in us. For more on that check these links:




3. Self shame based on a supposed inability to meet or achieve what we think we “should” have done or been. To which we need to grow in the rest or faith in the “should-less” Divine Being Who Is Perfect Love which is beyond human comprehension.

Breathe in and say:

“Loves Got Me”

Breathe out and say:

“Release my past”