For a mortal to assume they can see the limits and boundaries of The Divine is absolute lunacy. For me the start of seeing Grace came at the breaking of everything I thought God was so that I could begin to grow into The God Who is beyond any man made box.



Not only is this so, but we also boast in God through our Lord Jesus Christ, through whom we have now received reconciliation.” – Romans 5:11



If The LOVE  OF  GOD is not greater than any man can conceive and if His LOVE is not beyond our capacity to understand then Jesus wasn’t that big of a deal, we have ever right to dispair and everything that is evil really is taking over this world with no hope. The difference between a religious Christian and a GarceFull follower of Christ is that the GraceFull see one simple Faith based fact:


The Bigness of God and the enormity of His Love for me is beyond any borders real or imaginary. GODS  LOVE is beyond any and All boxes that we could ever place on it, and as such this

Present Moment is Perfect!



Please don’t misunderstand me, for me at least this has been and continues to be an on growing realization and development. I just know the more I see my Reconciliation with God as “Finished” because of Christ, the greater my sense of Peace, Hope and Love is Here and Now – and I believe God wants my life to be full of these 3 elements.


The key to accepting my present moment is to accept His Perfect Present for ALL that is was, is and where that places me Here and Now and Forevermore!


Perfect LOVES Present