What are you breeding?


Was something done for you or are you doing it?


We are not trying to commend ourselves to you again, but are giving you an opportunity to take pride in us, so that you can answer those who take pride in what is seen rather than in what is in the heart.” – 2 Corinthians 5:12


This passage is about the “Ministry of Reconciliation” and this is all about what is in the heart and NOT about what is seen!


What is seen is “doing this” and “not doing that” or in other words not about the heart and the Being and Jesus who resides there but instead about the “looks” and the moral checklist done for show.


Reconciliation is what happens when a person meets Jesus. This miracle happens because of the cross; NOT because of anything that can be seen but because of Grace through Faith and NOT based on anything we do. After a person meets Jesus they are “reconciled” (past tense) with God!


This is the point of this Bible study – what are you breeding? What is your belief system and religious life creating in you. To take pride in what is seen rather that what is in the heart creates this:


1)     Self-security – A sense that you have done something of value or somehow God is pleased with you because of your actions.


2)   Self-insecurity – When you stumble – and you will because that is how the law was designed – you feel distance and separation from God and His Love.


3)   Comparing – We judge others and ourselves based on what is seen and we have levels of acceptance within our organization and concept of God.


4)   Judgmental non-acceptance attitude – Which totally turns people off to Christ!


Taking pride in what is in the heart means resting in the knowledge that Jesus has reconciled you to His Father through His Amazing act of Love on the cross and once reconciled you can never be de-reconciled. This radical idea brought about by Jesus produces:


1)    Complete rest and Peace that passes All understanding! Nothing can separate you from His Love!


2)   A Faith that grows as we begin to see that there are no “Oops”, no accidental moments with God!


3)   A Love for Him and for others that grows as we understand more and more of His Amazing gift!


4)   A Truly Amazing relationship beyond words that will create a desire in others to want to understand and grow into what you have! Think about this: Almighty God of All Heaven and Earth created every moment you live just the way it is because He Loves you and wants you to know Him better!


What are you breeding? One option creates self-pride and ego the other grows a God reliance that creates a Faith beyond measure!




Why is reconciled past tense? Is there a connection between the past tense of this word and our Peace?

Why is reconciled past tense? Is there a connection between the past tense of this word and our Peace?