If the support for something is weak, the structure won’t stand. For too long in America the vast majority of churches have built their structure or used as a foundation a corrupt form of hope that is Not The Hope – and so we get what we have today – America in crisis!


For our Hope to be strong and solid it MUST be based on an Unwavering, Unconditional, Relentless and Eternal Love for ALL! This Hope is Not built on our actions, our wealth, our efforts or and this is especially important Not on our goodness – and yet this is what most churches teach blatantly and without even know it the majority of the times. We were raised on it – its part of the voices we hear in our head.


For our land to begin to heal we Must create churches that are Open, Loving, Receptive and Welcoming to All – not just those who “sin” the same way we do. In short our Hope has to be Bigger than what we can see here and now because we believe in a Love that is Greater from a God Who Is Greater than Any of us can imagine.


What if we switched our idea of God to stop being “church growth” and start being “Love Growth” – starting programs and expanding programs that would help the disenfranchised and those rejected by society?

What if instead of wasting all that space with a big auditorium a church put in folding chairs so after service those in attendance could fold them up and unfold the cots for the homeless people who stayed there during the week?

What if instead of condemnation on those who have a different idea of what a family “should” be we welcomed them and let God be the judge? After all we welcome those who are divorced and remarried and they are living in adultery according to Jesus – correct?


How could we make these changes? By changing our Hope to something bigger than a morality based religion but instead having it based on a Love based Relationship – Not based on who we are or what we do but on Who God Is – “GOD IS LOVE


May the God of hope fill you with all joy and peace as you trust in him, so that you may overflow with hope by the power of the Holy Spirit.” Romans 15:13