Without Love you are a clanging cymbal, without understanding the Love of God you are a religious noise maker! The sad fact of the Grace-Full path with Christ is that those who never get on it are typically self-inflicted wounded warriors of religious battles still trying to lick their own wounds who think that suffering makes them closer to God and as a result they are constantly sinking in self-pity and misery  or stubbornly clinging to religious works!



As the Father has loved me, so have I loved you. Now remain in my love.” – John 15:9



If the love you think is The Love of God is not Perfect Love, you haven’t experienced His Love yet! Yes I know that’s a big statement – but my God Is Bigger!



How Big? How Perfect?



If His Love for me is Not beyond what I could imagine in my human mind or what you could imagine in your human mind – then it would really be HIS LOVE! If His Love for me and His Love for you is Not Perfect – then it wouldn’t be from The Perfect God!



When Jesus made the statement above He was inviting Jews who were the ultimate law keepers to “remain in my love” – Jesus was making a clear message that His Love was The Path to His Peace and to Being like Him. The Bible challenges us to examine a Love beyond human love, a love beyond understanding And Only by remaining in that Love can the Grace-Full path be lived.



How do we remain In that Perfect Love? Is it by following the law? OR Is it by following Christ? Only by continually looking to Christ can we realize His Great Love and Gods Amazing Grace through His plan to bring us back into His warm embrace – To “remain in my love” keep coming back to the these three points for a start and let this understanding grow on you:



1)Your past is completely Forgiven and Forgotten! Let it go every time it comes up and it will come up as that is one of satans greatest ways to try to keep you down – But His Love floats!


2)You are no longer under the law – you are under GRACE! ALL righteousness is from Faith in Christ Alone and not any righteousness in your own works! The more you rest in this the greater Peace you will have Here and Now – And His Love floats!


3)Your future is secured and Nothing can change that! There is Nothing you can do and no place you can go that will be outside of His Great Love for you! Rest in this as Faith Is Resting – And His Love floats!



Keep coming back to these 3 Faith-Full facts and you will remain in His Love, have Peace that surpasses All understanding and even on your darkest days you will have a reason to smile with The Joy of The Lord – And you will float in the deepest sea with The Love that surpasses ALL human knowledge and wisdom!