There is a narrow and rough road that involves the very highest of integrity and some deep soul searching at the inner most darkest secrets that we have in order to embrace the Divine Blessing of the Hell that created the Hope for others and therefore the Love through us.


In the first Devine Blessing – “the knife” we saw how God uses even that which is cruel and painful to create the Faith we need which is our Devine Blessing.


In the second Devine Blessing – “being naked” we saw how we have to Know that we need Love and forgiveness – we have to see our nakedness and therefore our need.


In this Devine Blessing I would like us to dive into the pain of growing Faith – Even for the Only Son of God. Growing Faith is that narrow road of intense honesty and integrity and a willingness to look into the most painful parts of ourself and rest in the knowledge and idea that those parts too – were Divinely Given because God Loves us so very much. On this road you will often wonder how could this be Love and at times you will humorously wonder why God Loves you so much or perhaps think that you wish for a little less of this kind of Love. But if you are open to it – these darkest parts will change the world for untold throngs of people perhaps.


Our darkest parts, our deepest secrets, if allowed to see and be open to Loves Perfect Light will indeed radically change us and in so doing Radically help and change others.


 And being in anguish, he prayed more earnestly, and his sweat was like drops of blood falling to the ground.” … Luke 22:44

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