Whatever brings us to trust in Love beyond our mere human conceptualization is a Blessing to All and a curse at the moment of education creating Faith growth.


The reason that All Righteousness comes through Faith and the reason that the law never made anyone righteous are one in the same:

Trust in Him!

The instrument that God uses to bring us to a greater life of Being His Beloved is often that which could well kill us and if you ask any martyr in history often does – but that Is Faith growth. I think of the many ways that I have blocked intimacy with my fellow humans as a witness to the idea that we are all in need, desperate need in fact, of Rest that can Only be found in Perfect Love.


Abraham stretched out his hand and took the knife to slay his son.” … Genesis 22:10


To Rest in Perfect Love is an ongoing growth that continues until our last breath is exhaled and we go to the other side. For now we Rest (have Faith in) the knowledge and the idea that “God Is Love” and because of that we know that Nothing can touch us except through the permissive will of God. This Rest IS the ultimate Life Here and Now and if you really want to dig into this just click the words in the scripture above.