The beginning of the end of worry is the beginning of Faith. Faith is a road that only ends in the inhale after your last earthly exhale.



Faith is Rest in what is, whatever it is because of Who He Is. “God Is Love”, He Radically Loves you, He Radically Loves me and “His Grace Is Sufficient.”



“For it is commendable if someone bears up under the pain of unjust suffering because they are conscious of God.” 1 Peter 2:19



So how do we “bear up under the pain of unjust suffering?” How do we remain “conscious of God?”


First we remember that failure to do so is not fatal, its human and a Great reminder of Gods Love, Forgiveness and Acceptance. Faith is not a competition it is an invitation to Rest as we see His Love as larger than our ability to imagine … to include when we fail to rest.


Over the next few days we will examine what defeats worry and some strategies for defeating it. But for now take a look at a couple of devotionals for a deeper understanding on “worry and The Spirit”



What defeats worry?



LOVES Best….1