In a world where so precious few people actually understand each other and get along, I always find it odd at best when people tell me they understand GOD better than others.



“Who has known the mind of the Lord? Or who has been his counselor?” – Romans 11:34



The mind of GOD was, is and always will be a Complete mystery to man And thats ok, in fact its part of the plan I believe. Why?


1) Because the path of Faith is Trusting the unknown as we saw in the earlier devotional, “Know or Faith”


2) Because believing in Goodness makes life worth living. Not that we are looking through rose colored glasses but we are making a choice to believe in a better Goodness than we see with our physical eyes.


3) Because over time believing in Goodness trains the brain to be happier and healthier.


4) Because the greater we see one abiding Truth, GOD Is LOVE, the greater love, peace, hope and happines we can bring to others.


The key to a Spiritual and Loving path through life is Not stubbornly clinging to dogma, but instead its gently resting in or having Faith in Goodness thats beyond my finite ability to grasp.