Its always funny asking a group of Americans about a current US president. Especially if the group is mixed conservative and liberal, democrat and republican, religious and secular. The thoughts and opinions seem to take on a life of there own.

If this is true about a man who is seen and observed and recorded 24/7, do you think it could be true about God?



“Oh, the depth of the riches of the wisdom and knowledge of God! How unsearchable his judgments, and his paths beyond tracing out!” – Romans 11:33



Could I believe in a hateful and spiteful and vindictive God?

Well, yes I could and I could find evidence of that, just like I could find evidence of this for Any human being that has ever lived IF I looked at things a certain way.


Could I believe in a GOD Who was and is PERFECT LOVE that is beyond human comprehension and Who Loves me with PERFECT LOVE Exactly as I am and Not as I “should” be? Could I believe in a GOD Who created me the way I am and doesnt seek me to struggle to be different but Instead wants me to have Faith that He made me this way, His Son made me RIGHTEOUS by His act of Perfect Love on the cross and now all this GOD of PERFECT LOVE wants from me is to Rest by Faith in this PeaceFull reality?


Life is full of choices isnt it? In my life I have followed each of these two Gods at different times and to different degrees. All I can tell you is this – One of the Gods above caused Great fear and panic in me, the other GOD I am madly in Love with, laugh with, smile because of, party with, drink with, cry on His shoulder at times and have had an AWESOME Life with … Care to see The One I party with? Click Below:


Let The Journey Begin!