The love-less are separated from others by man – Not God!


As we discussed in “The love-less – 1” – Gods Love is Not in any way tied to our doing. While some religious groups say this with their mouth, they do Not practice it with any sort of inclusion of All humankind. If you want to see a way that Does practice All humankind being Loved beyond human imagination click on these words to read, “Let The Journey Begin.


One common theme repeated again and again by Jesus was the equality of All. And yet one trait of man again and again is the separation of man based of evaluators. Let me be clear about the purpose of Any evaluator that The God Who Is Love ever used on man – Any demand of God ever placed on man was, is and always will be Solely used to bring man to a greater understanding of The Love beyond what He can imagine that holds him Always.


The law of Moses was Only given to us so we would fall into the arms of Eternal and Unconditional Love from which Peace that passes all understanding and Hope that endure all things is created – if you care to dig into this just click on any of the linked words in this devotional.


for all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God, being justified as a gift by His grace through the redemption which is in Christ Jesus;” … Romans 3:23-24