Joy, True Joy doesn’t come from doing – it comes from a state of True Being and that Being IS Love! This is a growth point and it never really ends from what I have experienced – I am constantly growing to Love more and more different people than I ever thought I could.


I have told you this so that my joy may be in you and that your joy may be complete. My command is this: Love each other as I have loved you.” John 15:11-12


When I was a religious Christian I remember the constant replay of the tape in my head, “I have to love them – but I don’t have to like them” – this was a contrived love based on religious requirements and therefore that, like the many laws I followed never did or would bring any True Joy or Peace.


When we Love, truly Love, biology tells us that certain chemical reactions happen. God being the one who knit us together knew that because He made us that way. As a result the New Covenant as explained above creates the perfect life Here and Now!




That’s it LOVE and that’s the Only “law” – will we mess up with that? Yes, sure! We will still stumble and make mistakes and that is ok – it’s a journey. The main reason we make mistakes is that we are trying to “do” it instead of resting in God and we are listening to the wrong sources but the bottom line is this – “Love each other” – Love like He Loved us!


How did He Love and how does He Love us?


1)Unconditionally – without looking at the faults or allowing them to get in the way of us Being closer to Him and caring for each other – the idea that religious people carry – “love the sinner, hate the sin” is Not Biblical – just LOVE!


2)As we are – Not as we should be – the religious think “I have to change” Jesus knows, “Faith heals you” – Faith is resting – Faith is Trusting in Love you can’t see, just as you are and the more you rest in that the more complete you are.


3)Without labels or pigeon holes – the world wants to feel “comfortable” by placing everyone in a slot or a place and this disease has enmeshed itself in the church in a big way – Jesus never labeled people except for the labelers – the religious leaders.


True Joy is found in True Love and True Love, Love that is Perfect is found in One Being – God! If that is Not The God you know perhaps you don’t know The God but instead just a god.