For most of humanity life is about “doing” and as a result insufficiency is the driving force.

“The kingdom of God is within you” whispers the voice of The Sufficiency Provider. What does this Sufficiency Provider create that makes “all things work together for good” and how does that create a better world for us?

1. All our past failures and pitfalls are Provided an eraser in the kingdom of God within. We have a clean slate from the past even the past of 5 minutes ago.

2. Our present moment is held without expectations – only Love that’s beyond human comprehension and “lavished” on each of us without any limits or restrictions.

3. Our future is a continuous journey of finding ways grow in loving parts of ourselves and others that create healing, hope and “Peace that passes all understanding” as we grow in clarity that our final destination is the waiting embrace of “Perfect Love” and in this clarity “all fear is driven out.”

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