The greatest hurdle that man must overcome is man.

Our definition of love is based on what we see with our eyes, but to have true Peace and Hope our definition of Love must be grown by Faith in an unseen Grace that claims a Love for each and every one of us that is beyond human comprehension.

This then Is Healing Love:

  1. “Perfect Love” – which by its very first word “Perfect” means it would be unable for imperfect beings to understand. The greater we see Perfect Loves reach, the greater our reach of personal and interpersonal Peace. – John 14:27
  2. Complete Love – for Love to Heal it must encompass All not some which is why The Divine has a way of putting the difficult in our path, to grow us into being like Him. – 1 John 2:9-10
  3. Unfailing Love – we fail so we can see and live in The Light of that which will Never Fail, The Divine’s Love for each and every one of us. As we grow in this understanding we have a greater Love-ability for all those we meet. – Psalms 143:8
  4. Devoted Love – the life of a Divine Being never looked so divinely pathetic as when The Divine chose Love for the lowest of us over life with the highest of us. This is Love that chooses others over self and Healing over Anything. – Romans 12:10

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