There is one of two people that will tell you that you will not have troubles in this life. The first is a fool for they disregard reality; the second is the Grace-Full for they recognize spirituality. The difference is in the acceptance of what IS and its value to what will BE!

For our light and momentary troubles are achieving for us an eternal glory that far outweighs them all.” – 2 Corinthians 4:17

I often get asked for reasons I think that True Grace is the only way to Live and when I do I have some moments in my life I can point to that are the result of Grace-Full growth. Those moments often sound like I enjoy troubles but it isn’t that, it’s that once you get Grace and I mean really get it, even though the world is going to Hell on a bobsled all around you, there is still a sense of stillness, a Peace in the midst of the storm. I may not be able to write and I may not want to speak much at those times but I still have quietness about the situation.

This quietness or Peace-Fullness is not my doing or from my ability. There is a voice that screams at me to become Chicken Little and at times I do! But then there is that whisper. There is a beautiful, still whisper that says things like, “Let me hold you in My lap for a while, Rest in me”, or “Remember I Love you more than you can imagine” or “Nothing can separate you from My Love.” At those moments the “eternal glory” of Faith beyond human reason makes it ALL Good!

Under the law Life was Not like this! There were punishments and consequences and God had a big stick and He made sure I toed the line and kept “doing” all the right things out of fear of punishment! Under the law, Not All of me was healed by the cross you see, the argument goes “yes but there are still consequences!”

The problem with the god of “still consequences” is that he doesn’t exist except in the narrow minds of the ones still trying to use the Bible as the night stick of morality! Did Daniel get eaten? Did Noah float? Did so many people in the Bible defy laws and rules and thoughts of common sense that most people see the Bible as a book beyond logic?

My point is not that I don’t have troubles, my point is that they cease to be troubles Once I get my head wrapped around Who God Is! GOD IS LOVE! Once I see that I see the “troubles” as opportunities to grow Faith in so many ways that it’s hard to count them all! One example is a beautiful sister I was talking to just yesterday and we both shared how discouraging moments in our current jobs or professions may very well be Gods way of saying, “move on, my child to another place, I have another Jericho or another Promised Land I want you to inhabit so that others can see Me!”

The belly of a whale is Not the only way God moves people! Some times its by discouragement, or even being inadequate or being fired or let go from a position. I have been moved by “the grass is greener” before and other ways. But again all this is Only possible as you open yourself up to the idea of The God of Grace as opposed to the god who is an eternal customs agent just waiting to check your baggage and beat you over the head!


Trouble Free?