Loving the unlovable self – 4 – The Meds!

The question I often get is what practices do I suggest for growing GraceFull so I would like to address this. For starters let me say that None of my “practices” are done religiously. If I miss a day or time or session one of the most GraceFull gifts I can give my self can be summed up in two words, “oh well” and let it go.

With that in mind I do try to meditate at least once a day and more if possible. Why is meditation so Very important? Because the way I was taught and the way I practice it, it’s all about “being still” – like “Be still and know that I am God” – that verse actually is one of the first verses I meditated to and it’s a Great one!

As far as how, when, where on meditation I have found for me at least that it doesn’t matter that much but I do try to do it at a time and place where I won’t be disturbed. I have to use a chair but I sit somewhat proper posture yet relaxed, let my jaw relax and my eyes gently close. Then I take a couple of deep relaxing breaths and when I am truly Here and Now I chose the phrases that God calls to mind but here are a few of my favorites:



Breathe in and say:
“God Loves me”

Breathe out and say:
“Just as I am”



Breathe in and say:
“God is in”

Breathe out and say:
“Complete control”



Breathe in and say:
“Gods Love for me”

Breathe out and say:
“Completes me”



Breathe in and say:
“Gods Hope”

Breathe out and say:
“Lives in me”



Breathe in and say:
“Gods Peace”

Breathe out and say:
“Guards my mind and heart”



Breathe in and say:
“Gods Grace is”

Breathe out and say:
“Sufficient for me”



Breathe in and say:
“I rest in Gods”

Breathe out and say:
“Perfect Love”



Find what works for you with meditation. I have found the more I focus on His Love the greater Peace, Hope, Joy and Mercy I have. Two things to keep in mind about His Love are this:

1)The more you give it away the more you realize it’s incalculable size.


2)The more you let the size of His Love expand the greater Rest you have Here and Now.



With these 2 in mind here is the Third law of the Spiritual Heroes Happiness:


3)The Bigger we see His Love for us, the easier the burdens of life become. So see every flower, watch each bird fly, Love every being in your life and Know that it’s All from His Everlasting Love for you.

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