Loves judgement

If The Son of The Divine didn’t judge who am I to judge?

The woman was caught and she was well known as a sex worker, a harlot, a whore .. yet The Son set her Free indeed with No judgement or punishment… this is The example for us to follow.

The man was a tax collector, the lowest form of life in the village, hated by all and a social outcast … yet The Son set him Free indeed by going to his house and dining with him which was the ultimate sign of respect and bonding … this is The example for us to follow.

The man was a polytheistic outcast from “proper” Jewish society, no self respecting Jew would even acknowledge his existence let alone think of him as one The Divine would call “Good” … yet The Son clearly told us that “The Good Samaritan” was good because of Love … this is The example for us to follow.

The Son died Not pointing fingers in judgement but with outstretched arms as if offering a warm embrace to All as only Perfect Love that drives out All fear could do … this is The Example for us to follow.

We are Not here to judge, criticize and condemn … let us BE about The Divine business and BE a reflection of The Son in a dark world full of condemnation and shame.

“By this everyone will know that you are my disciples, if you love one another.” … John 13:35

LOVES Direction

The End of judgement


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