There is a stillness on a battlefield just after the battle is over. That stillness on the spiritual battlefield can stay with us on through death and eternity – but we have to allow that to Be.

In “LOVES Position” we examined what created the victory in the battle. In “Loves Peace” we will examine the “how” this happens.




we have peace with God through our Lord Jesus Christ, through whom we have gained access by faith into this grace in which we now stand.” – Romans 5:1c-2a




It has been my experience that most people and churches teach the scripture above but precious few Live the scripture above – here is how to Live it:


1)Forgive All including yourself, Forget All including your past mistakes of 1 minute ago.


2)Pray to have greater understanding on how to be a better Loves like Jesus. He Loved Unconditionally and Non-judgemently, not caring how it looked to others or what laws He broke to do it.


3)Rest and grow in the knowledge that He “Finished” Everything, God Radically Loves you And He controls Every moment of your life.



Every moment is here for us to learn, share, be and grow in Love with one another. As we focus on that instead of religious laws, rules, appearance and performance, His Peace that passes ALL understanding will BE our Life!



Never let a spiritually “bad” moment create a lifetime of bitter regret! Grow and Know He Who Is, Is In Control!