As we examined in “LOVE  vs.  goM – 1” and “2” the main mission of the goM is to disrupt our connection to Love that is beyond human comprehension so that Peace that passes all understanding and Abundant life are cheapened at least and Completely discounted and thought a myth at best. One of the main methods to achieve this aim is get us to doubt the Passion of God which is His very nature, Unconditional Love for us just as we are Not as we “should” be.




You will not certainly die,” the serpent said to the woman. “For God knows that when you eat from it your eyes will be opened, and you will be like God, knowing good and evil.” – Genesis 3:4-5




If God is anything less than Perfect Love eternity would suck even for the very best of us. That being said Resting in His Grace and Peace that He gives us through Faith is one life long journey and at times it seems like in this journey I cover the same ground a multitude of times. I have on many occasions looked at a spiritual brother or sister and said, “Its a great day to grow Faith” which I knew because everything seemed to be going to Hell in a hand basket in my life.



The above passage shows the goM in typical form mixing lies and truths to confuse us about Gods Love for us. Yes, part of them would “die” – that part that knew no sin because condemnation, shame and guilt came through the “knowing of good and evil.” But there are two points here to remember as I see it:


1)Being “like God” by “knowing good from evil” was never Gods plan for us – His plan was for us to Be like Him by offering Unconditional Love to each other and in so doing we show Love to Him.


2)God originally had just one very simple rule and He knew before everything got started we would break it – He already had it planned that His Only Son would come to show us how much He LOVES us and by showing that LOVE, God takes us back to one rule, “LOVE  ONE  ANOTHER!”



Jesus was the “second Adam” and Beliving in Him takes a Being back to the original state God wanted us in and this time the goM has no power because “the power of sin is the law” and “Christ is the end of the law for All who believe!”

LOVE vs. goM - 3