Love Quake – 3

A religious diet calls for a worship of the god of MORE that you can read about at the links below. But when the “Love Quake” occurred part of its earth shattering nature was its absolute sufficiency, which frightened the religious establishment and still does.

Suddenly with the “Love Quake” man was able to be directly and irrevocably be connected to The Divine. This connection was, is and always will be the single greatest Gift of Freedom and Nourishment that our souls were ever given – here is why:

  1. We are all in some way prisoners to our performance – “Love Quake” took away the idea of performance and replaced it with acceptance by The One Who Is Perfect Love beyond human comprehension.
  2. We are all somewhat prisoners to what others think – “Love Quake” took that away by an equality of badness so we could Rest in Divine Goodness as we are all saved “by Grace through Faith.”
  3. We are all prisoners to our shame, guilt and condemnation – “Love Quake” allowed us to release this load and give up this burden for an “easy yoke and a light burden” of Resting (having Faith in) in being the beloved of The Divine and growing to love all and judge no one.
  4. We are all prisoners to our hunger and desperate thirst for Love and Acceptance – “Love Quake” created that as it removed All the barriers between man and Divine Love.

“The cowering prisoners will soon be set free; they will not die in their dungeon, nor will they lack bread.” Isaiah 51:14

To understand the idea of “the god of MORE” and the prison it creates on us check out these links:

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