Consider the ravens: They do not sow or reap, they have no storeroom or barn; yet God feeds them. And how much more valuable you are than birds!” Luke 12:24


A very wise brother brought up a great question, “whatever happened to happiness being found in just holding a new puppy?” My answer was, selling out to the god of MORE!


MORE bigger churches, MORE bigger houses, paychecks, feelings, etc. etc. etc! The list is endless but it all comes down to Not Be Here Now!


Be, Here, Now – this is The God, Abba, The God Who Is Love, this is His cure for the god of MORE! It always has been, but as a species we lost our way, more so in developed countries but true in most places I have visited and with most people I know. Let me be straight with this – the god of MORE is the opposite of The God of Grace and Peace and Love!


Why? Because you were fearfully and wonderfully made! He knew you before you were knit together in your mothers womb! This life you are living is a journey toward Being more like Him, right Here and right Now – God Is Love!


This is where Grace gently leads you – toward Love! The journey of Grace is a journey toward Peace, Hope, Joy and Everlasting Trust in The One you cant see and in His never ending work that was finished on the cross – for your reconciliation to Holiness! You were or are made Holy (Perfect) the moment you Believe in The Lord Jesus Christ – and the journey from there is An Amazing bonus IF you take it!


Why IF? Because most Christians settle for the god of MORE – and don’t even know it – I know because for years I did and I see it Everywhere to include myself being easily ensnared!


Over the next few days at as well as on my Facebook page and the Facebook pages of and Relationship not Religion I hope to share some insights on how I have seen the god of MORE in my life and how The God of Love as allowed a complete Peace in me When I listen and live in His gentle whisper of Grace. I hope you will join me for this journey.

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