In “Love Lessons # 1” we learned about the first Big One and I encourage everyone to dive into further exploration of that as the spiritual path Is getting these 3 Big Ones and that is the first. In this “Love Lesson” we will examine the second “Big One” and that is this – One Moment!


The light shines in the darkness, and the darkness has not overcome it.” – John 1:5

The true light that gives light to everyone was coming into the world.” – John 1:9


Jesus came at the exact Moment as the exact One and OH HOW HE DID SHINE! We will dig into the last five words there in greater detail in later devotionals but for this one I want to really focus on The Moment. What was this moment like?


1)The people He went to were religiously oppressed by a small controlling arrogant group that taught the law as the way to God instead of Faith.


2)Condemnation, shame, guilt and religion separated people and caused animosity, pride, egotistical arrogance and fear.


3)The people were living on a religious hamster wheel of performance based existence instead of a Faith based Life of understanding “God Is Love.” Please keep in mind that while the hamster wheel has gotten smaller generation by generation – most Christians and all religious people have a comfort hamster wheel that they rest in.


In short it was the Perfect Moment for Perfect Love and The “True Light” – more on that in “Love Lesson # 3” but for Now a question for you:


When is your “Perfect Moment” to shine Love?


You are “the one” for This Moment to Be The Light of Love exactly where you are. God Almighty, Who Is Perfect Love and Is All Powerful made You for this Exact Moment – the greater you can Rest (Have Faith in) this idea the better your life will be!


Simple put your past is forgiven by The God Who Is Love, your future is Blessed by and Provided by The God Who Is Love and for Whom You are the apple of His eye. Rest (have Faith) in this spiritual truth and you are Loving Life!


There are 3 short devotionals I would like to point you to for further study:


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If the hyperlinks don’t work just do a search on See you for the next Love Lesson!!


Love Lesson # 2