When The only source of Perfect Love teaches Love every being on earth needs to be in class as that is the Only Hope to end the pain that life and this world gives us. With this in mind Love Lesson # 1 is part of the first 3 that go together but to cover the first 3 together is too long so here is the first – One Being!


In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God. He was with God in the beginning.” John 1:1-2


Its vital to understand the Value that God places on that  which He allows to shine Love at any cost, yes even death on the cross. Jesus was Gods One and Only Son that He gave up freely just so He could hug your neck, kiss your checks, hold you close and say, “Welcome home my child.”


The main reason this is vital is to understand that, is that the very nature and very fiber of God Is Perfect Love that we can’t ever comprehend But by living in the mystery of it each moment of life can be an adventure in Amazing Grace.




There is only one you! There is only one you and as we grow through the Love Lessons we will see to a greater degree the value of you but for now I would like you to grasp two ideas:


1)There is only one you and God Almighty made you!


2)The only you that is, was on the mind of God Almighty since the beginning of time primarily because He Radically Loves you!


I hope you will follow this series “Love Lessons” as we explore God Almighty Himself as God Is Love – not in hopes of discovering all there is to know of His boundless Love for that is impossible but instead to let’s make our goal to understand His Love better so that we can be better mirrors of Him.




Love Lessons- 1