If you want to go west, don’t go east! In the same way if you want to have Life don’t walk in death. While this may seem like a very easy idea it’s very hard for the human mind to grasp and yet this is what we are called to do time and time again. What does that look like?


Jesus answered, “I am the way and the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me.” – John 14:6


The Samaritans were polytheist, meaning they worshipped many gods and yet Jesus never told them they had to change in all the interactions He had with them.

The religious leaders, who followed the law, worshipped only The God of Abraham and followed the law to the letter, He continually told to “repent” and He undermined them so Completly that they had Him killed for it.

When I was a religious boy the best thing I could do was to get someone to join “my church” and convince them that I was right about the way I believed.


Faith in Jesus Christ is Faith that All has been done to make me All that He wants me to be Here and Now!


Knowing Love Is Knowing His Complete Gift and not just part of it. Knowing Love is Knowing Rest because He Finished Everything and now we can relax and Live! Most Christians and almost no religious Christians ever get this.


For most Grace is something God gives us when we screw up and He allows us to come back to His Love, like we lost His Love when we were “bad” – this idea essentially sugar coats “comfort laws” and creates a hamster wheel of religious effort instead of “The Peace that passes All understanding” because we are FREE from the law.


If you want to Know LOVE see His Gift as sufficient for All your needs which makes Him “The Way, The Truth and The Life!




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