If … Then … Love!

If Jesus died a brutal death willingly to bridge the gap that the law could Never bridge even for those who were and are His enemies, Then we are Loved beyond our ability to conceive!
If The death, burial and resurrection of Jesus did Not end the purpose of the law for All who believe, Then Christianity is just another religion!

When they had crucified him, they divided up his clothes by casting lots.” – Matthew 27:35

The implications of a God Who was willing to sacrifice His most cherished Son just to show His Love for Each and Every one of His creations boggles the human mind both during the time of Christ and to this day. The very idea that because of His death we are Free from the law because All we need is Faith is still considered heresy by the religious circles.

And yet If you let the idea of this God Who Is Love beyond human imagination grow on you, Then Peace, Hope, Joy and Love for others can, will and does Grow like a weed within the most darkened soul. I know for that most darkened soul was me. If you would like to see what I came through on my journey please click the link below:


About me

There are 2 ways a person can grow:

1)Goodness of self – self effort, growing by “doing More better” which leads to ego on a good day but grief on most days – this is religion!



2)Goodness of God – seeing His passionate and relentless Love for me and knowing He Is Love beyond human comprehension which creates Peace that passes human understanding – this is Grace!



Love from Above

Love From Above created Grace Here and Now!