The reason we need to be able to hear and identify the voices that play and prey on us is that unless we can, our lives will become a hamster wheel of effort instead of a resting near quiet waters.


One voice that is perhaps the most terrifying on this front is the voice of “do” with its push for an effort based life. The “do” voice is about “doing MORE” and what it does is take away from the “did” of Jesus on the cross. It you want to dig into this deeper go to and search “god of MORE” or just put “MORE” in the search box to your left as you look at the page.

The voice of “do” sounds like this:

“You ‘should’ do MORE to measure up; you haven’t done enough; what you did messed up everything; are you sure you did the right thing; wow what you did was really bad; you can’t do that; everyone saw what you did!” – just to give you an idea.


The whisper of Love against the shouts of “do” sounds like this:

“You are my most precious child and I Love you just as you are and not as you ‘should’ be; Rest in what my Son did on the cross as His blood spilled out through Love covered All your shortcomings; just focus on knowing that all creations were made in my image and Love each other.”


The voice of “do” takes you away from Rest and Peace Here and Now by creating a situation where you think about mistakes you made or focus on “doing MORE” because thats what you ‘should’ “do” which takes away the power of God to just let you Be Loved Here and Now by seeing that He supplies All your needs.


The Lord is my shepherd, I shall not want. He makes me lie down in green pastures; He leads me beside quiet waters.” … Psalm 23:1-2 


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