One voice that repeatedly plays and condemns pretty much everyone who isn’t very careful is the voice of “compare.” The challenge with “compare” is that it takes us away from Here and Now and the Beautiful gift that Here and Now can be if we are listening to Love.


The voice of compare makes us minimize the Blessings that we have, exaggerate the situations of others and separate us from them. The root of this voice can be seen easier in the light of “the god of MORE” as that is exactly where this comes from.


So what does the voice of compare sound like?

Wow, why am I not having as much fun as they are”… “Oh thats a better (place than here, job than I have, car than I drive, experience than I am having, life than I have)” … “he has more (money, free time, friends …. etc.) than I do” … “why can’t I do better than this, have more than this, be satisfied with this.”

Whereas the voice of The God Who Is Love whispers:

“I Love you my child with an Everlasting and Eternal Love that will supply All your needs and create a path for you to continually grow in Love, Peace, Hope, Joy, Patience and Happiness.”


The reasons that this is so damnation creating (voice of compare) outside of taking us away from Here and Now and the taking us away from The Blessing of the breath is that it rejects All that The God Who Is Love wants for us – which is a Great Life Here and Now filled with Love, Peace and Hope. It also spits in the face of the idea that we are All one, as the scripture below states. If you want to dig into this idea to a greater degree click on the link in the scripture below or in the words, “the god of MORE” that are above.


There is neither Jew nor Gentile, neither slave nor free, nor is there male and female, for you are all one in Christ Jesus.” … Galatians 3:28