GraceFull end times – the low end!

What did God Always want?

What does the purpose of the law, the end times and All our difficulties in life have in common?

So people will be brought low and everyone humbled—do not forgive them.” – Isaiah 2:9

God was, is and always has been trying to elevate man – but the devil, satan and or mans plain stupidity keep trying to make man feel like he just jumped out of a plane at 30,000 feet with no oxygen and no parachute.


The big secret is God Always wins – the main reason for this is that God Is Love and as man is “brought low” due to failure, God GraceFully raises him to new heights IF man will let Him.


In the last days man will see failure on every side and it will be due to man following “the god of MORE” at least in part. In the above passage the prophet Isaiah was so disgusted with what he saw in the end times vision that he pleaded with God “do not forgive them” which should say a whole lot about the history and future of man.


Man has always wanted to think of himself as able to be bigger than God and control Him some how – this is the reason for the law, the reason for the end times and All our difficulties.


Care to take a “Challenge” on this and see for yourself?


777 Challenge – Day 1


When a being begins to see an ever growing reality of The Perfect Love that is Eternal and Unconditional, then they begin to see the mystery of God, the Passion of Christ, the purpose of Life and share “The Peace that passes All understanding!”


Three simple words explain the reason for Everything – “God Is Love!”


GraceFull End Times 3