fear vs. Love – 2

What we believe

In “fear vs. Love – 1” we looked at “Who we are” – which in many ways creates “What we believe” and in this we can begin to open how it affects us which we dive into in “fear vs. Love – 3”

  1. I interpret things through the early ways I learned to interpret them as a child. As a result if I saw for example racist or other fear based behaviors then what I believe is colored by that or by those behaviors and healing is needed.

  2. I interpret things through the inherited pain that I carry from my parents. This might be an area that you want to really dig into – I know I am still digging deep here. My dad I believe inherited a fear of intimacy and that caused me to have the same issues – life isn’t it a beautiful healing process.

  3. I interpret things through early pain based alleviation tactics. Again this requires some digging and some heavy soul integrity. My pain alleviation for many years was porn and fantasy as it helped me through some dark days as a child. This type of pain alleviation also met my fear of intimacy base with open arms. Keep in mind pain alleviation can switch in a heartbeat from one addiction to another.

So how do these interpretations affect us and why do we need to examine them closely? This is the purpose of and dive in that we do in fear vs. Love 3 but in the mean time if you want some articles that may be of interest to you then here are some links to check out …

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