fear vs. Love – 1

We face a soulful battle in this life and it is actually the spiritual the journey of our life in which we are continually invited by The Divine to move away from fear and open up to a Greater Love.

The reason this is a battle is it involves some serious deep dives into who we are, what we believe, how we got there and is it spiritually healthy to maintain that idea or belief. So let’s look at these questions one by one because in these questions there is the healed soul.

“Who am I”?

  1. I am a product of my childhood – as children we absorb the good and the bad from the environment in which we grew up. What would happen if we took an honest in-depth look at that environment and write down what we find?

  2. I am a product of my parents pain – pain, like hopes and fear are inherited. What would happen if we took an honest look at the pain that raised us and write down what we find?

  3. I am a product of childlike interpretations – one of the challenges and beautiful things about our early years is that they are early, and as a result we don’t really know how to interpret events and moments in necessarily healthy ways. What would happen if we dug into looking at some major events from our childhood and write down how our interpretations from those events formed the beliefs we hold today?

“You won’t be able to say, ‘Here it is!’ or ‘It’s over there!’ For the Kingdom of God is already among you.” … Luke 17:21

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