Faith in Love

If we could always see The Divine Love that holds us, we would not need the Faith that saves us.

Faith is not based on what you can see, it’s based on what you Rest in when you cannot see the Goodness that you believe in. To grow Faith therefore it takes some dark and frightening times.

Keep this in mind when darkness seems to be at its strongest:

1. It’s ok to be afraid because that is where Faith grows. So don’t beat yourself up as that will keep you down longer.

2. Faith is not the absence of fear. Faith is the Trust to move ahead despite the fear.

3. The greater the darkness of the moment, the Greater the Faith in Love grows.

4. Faith is a perishable skill if we do not anchor ourselves repeatedly on The Love that holds us. This is why I strongly suggest “The Beloved Book Practice” – it really does grow Faith … this practice can be found at the link below…

Another practice that will help is meditation and tomorrow I will write more on some Faith growing meditations.