These questions are designed to get us to think! To think about how we  see God – because if we see a god instead of BIG GOD – Nothing in our life will work! That is BIG GODs way of pointing us to His Love that is beyond human ability to conceive! I am praying for all of us on our journey and I appreciate you taking the time to make this part of your journey with me!


Why is reconciled past tense when talking about believers?


What does reconciled mean?


Since it means we are made a part of God again – does that mean that God has sin in Him?


What justified you?


Was it partial justification or complete?


Were you redeemed by Christ completely?


If so please find the passage that shows how you became un-redeemed and why?


What exactly happened by the life, death, burial and resurrection of Jesus?


Did He finish the job He was sent to do completely?


What laws are you now under and could you show me that in the Bible?


How do you know which parts of the Bible to interpret literally and which ones are figurative?


If the law was already in place before He came, what did He change?


Does your church allow divorced people to come to the service?


If so do you allow them to remarry in your church?


Didn’t Jesus say that was adultery?


What is the “new creation” we become at the moment we accept Christ?


If you are no longer under the law, why do you judge others?


What was the purpose of the miracles of Jesus?


Why did Jesus tell the woman caught in adultery to “go and sin no more” if He knew that was impossible?


When you accepted Christ “all things” became new, does that include the law?


What is the real purpose of the law?


What does it mean to be under Grace?


What makes you truly grateful is it a future hope of paradise or is it life right now regardless of your circumstances?


Where did the “sinners prayer” come from?


What real difference does Jesus make in the life of a person?


If Jesus makes a difference does He complete the difference or is it Him Plus the persons effort?


Where was sin defeated?


What is the power of sin?


Do you think it’s a good idea to hold onto that which is the power of sin after you are in Christ?


Do you go in and out of Christ with each sin and if so does He have to die all over again each time?


Did Jesus ever break any laws?


What exactly made Jesus perfect?


If He Alone is your sacrifice doesn’t that mean that when you accept Him you are Holy as He is Holy?


When did the thief on the cross or the woman caught in adultery get baptized?


If they didn’t how could they be in Heaven or have their sins forgiven?


Would you be willing to look at 7 questions and scripture with an open mind?


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